Oxford High School Administration

100 Carbuncle Drive - Oxford, MA 01540
Main Office Phone: (508)987-6081   Fax: (508)987-6083
Guidance Office Phone: (508) 987-6084  Fax: (508) 987-6087 

Principal: Mr. David Nugent, Principal
email: dnugent@oxps.org

Assistant Principal: Mr. Robert Truax
email: rtruax@oxps.org

Director of Guidance:  Mrs. Jennifer Markopoulos
email: jmarkopoulos@oxps.org

Principal's Secretary:  

Attendance Secretary:  Mrs. Sharon Thyden
email:  sthyden@oxps.org

Guidance Secretary:
   Mrs. Leslie Sullivan
email:  lsullivan@oxps.org

School Nurse:  Mrs. Elaine Ziemba
email:  eziemba@oxps.org

Athletic Director: Mr. Kevin May 
email:  kmay@oxps.org

School Resource Officer: Sgt. Jeromy Grniet

Office Hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Student absences and dismissals should be called into the Main Office by 8:00 A.M.

Any documentation concerning absences should be submitted to the main office the next day

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up is on the Gymnasium side of the school
 Please drive around to the back of the building observing the one-way signs