State provided online Encyclopedias; a great place to start your research process
A collection of grant based reliable and already evaluated for you resources (most with completed citations)! Courtesy of the State, compiled, published and maintained by Gale.
All of the resources available to us by the Mass. Board of Library Commissioners: Full-text magazines, news, encyclopedias, and e-reference books
Databases and other resources useful for conducting Art research
Alternative Therapies for Autism, Cancer, ADD, ADHD, AIDS, etc.
links to websites and databases for reseraching Greek Mythology
Helpful databases from Gale to assist you with Greek Mythology research.
Not sure of what you want to be when you grow up? These resources will help you research what jobs and careers you might enjoy and what types of training/schooling you need to do these jobs and what your earning potential is for these jobs.
Not sure what career you'd like to work in? Uset these two links below to help you find something that you'd be good at and enjoy doing!
Use these Gale databases for all of your health & wellness related research. Remember to click on "Full text articles" when doing your search.
Links to information and resources to help you with your History
Resources curated for conducting Holocaust research
The Congress of the United States' research library affiliated with the Association of Research Libraries, Research Library Group.
for use by Feingold's class for research on Macbeth with respect to the legal system
Use these videos to help you with your video creations and editing.
A list of resources to help you find out the history and origin of your name.
Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Resources to help with political research and voting information relative to the upcoming elections.
These resources include primary sources to help you with your research. These sources are very useful and important, especially when conducting research in the field of US History.
Resources for attendees of any of the Professional Development sessions where I was the instructor
Click on the link. Save to your Google Drive. Edit. Distribute to your students (print, email and/or post link).
There are no webpages in this category.
Click on the link. Save to your Google Drive. Edit. Distribute to your students (print, email and/or post link).
Click on the link. Save to your Google Drive. Edit. Distribute to your students (print, email and/or post link).
Links to the Purdue OWL website's format information page and NoodleTools, a citation creation tool to help you with your works cited/bibliography page(s) (MLA, APA and Chicago/Tribune format assistance available).

Link to Grammar Girl to help you with all of your grammar questions.
Use this database to help you with any Science related research.
Use this information to take screenshots and record screencasts.
Links to help you create professional and/or "fake" social networking characters for professional academic use and school assignments.
Pirate's Academy on Social Media/Twitter in the Academic Setting held on 10/22/14
Helpful links used to create and instruct with today's PD
There are no webpages in this category.
Gale Databases to use to assist you with your research portion of your Oppression Studies Essay
Information for Summer School Attendees for the Summer of 2014
We are using Animoto to create book reviews.
We will be using Glogster to create an biographical, interactive, virtual poster about the author of our individual reading selection.
Course syllabus for Summer School 2014
Fun Friday Quiz #1
Use the links below to help with your technology needs.
Feingold - Useful Primary Sources to use to conduct research for To Kill a Mockingbird
Information about vaccine ingredients, side effects, schedule (for Massachusetts)
Resources culled specifically for Ms. Krantz's classes.